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Case Studies


We contacted @Computer as we lacked a professional IT person within our business. Our current IT provider wasn't working. They were non-responsive and not at all proactive.

We met with Andrew from @Computer who we had heard about through word of mouth. He presented to us the concept for partnering with us as a Managed Service provider.

We have a staff of around 30, and it was the first time a lot of them had used computers. @Computer streamlined our team accounts with Microsoft, and gave the right access to all our staff. The best thing was knowing that you are working with a partner, who feels like they are part of your business.

They are a great source of knowledge, and responsive to what is required. We have an onsite visit every week from the team, as well as all of our security managed remotely plus any updates. They listen to what you want and actually work with you.

Team Capabilities and HSQE Manager

We have been using @Computer for over two years now. They are always very quick to respond and able to manage any issues we have come up with.

Over our time with @Computer we have had varying levels of inhouse IT skills and they have been able to fill in the gaps.

I can complete recommend Andrew for all your mac needs as well.

@Computer Look after our 365 licensing for staff in Africa, Switzerland, Australia and USA and backup of all their emails and SharePoint documents.

Head of Group Business

"We needed an IT company to refer our clients to, one that provided solutions and was easily contactable.

Andrew and the team are so responsive, it has absolutely blown us away. This makes our job so much easier as it gives our clients what they need (email services usually), and then we can focus on their website design.

Our clients are happy and so are we, because they get their problems resolved.

@Computer are responsive and proactive. The fact that they have great videos and solutions that help clients to understand the issues too, also makes it so much easier."

Overlord - Monster Creative
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"We wouldn't hesitate to recommend @Computers. They were efficient and helped to fix the situation with our emails. Really happy with all that they did.

We contacted @Computer to help us with sorting our email out.

At Waipu Museum we had initially been setup with email forwarding from our website to multiple free gmail accounts.

@Computer showed us that the issue was that these accounts were not business ones, and were tied to individual cellphones for access.

When we replied to customers it came from the @gmail address and several of the accounts were out of space with only 5Gb per mailbox.

@Computer setup new accounts, imported old emails, redirected the @gmail emails.

Additionally, they setup OneDrive Backup for the desktops.

As we are a charity there is no on-going cost."

Waipu Museum

Recently we went through a period of rapid growth within our architectural practice.

We realised that our computer systems were fragmented, with less than desirable back up, a lack of security and poor network connectivity.

To solve this problem, we reached out to Andrew at @Computers. Andrew was able to review the alternatives available to us, research the best options, and come up with a variety of solutions for us.

The solution that we decided upon was a cloud based system using Microsoft One Drive.

At a really busy time, @Computers made this transition from our old outdated system, to our new system, absolutely seamless.

@Computer provided consistent back up, and quick and efficient service for any queries during this shift.

Our new I.T system has meant that we can now access all of our information, whether we are out with a client, working from home, or in the office.

It is a great feeling knowing that all of our data is completely secure and safe, and that our systems are now all integrated and updated”

Spooner Architectural Solutions offers high quality building design and documentation services for projects in a range of locations throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands.

Director, Spooner Architectural

@Computers have been fabulous charity sponsors with added benefits. From babysitting our Angel Bears project to problem-solving tech issues, to advising, supporting and guiding whenever we trip over a computer-related glitch.

Andrew and the team have been there beside us for years with a smile and immense patience! Community-focused, professional, and reliable.

They’re the sort of company that keeps communities working.

Angel MAMA/CEO, Bald Angels Charitable Trust

We were experiencing problems with a disjointed network, outdated technology being used within the association, (both hardware and software), as well as a mixed level of service.

During a very difficult time, Andrew and the team assisted with a huge stocktake of current systems. They developed a rollout process of new hardware as well as upskilling and supporting staff with the implementation of Microsoft 365.

@Computer were always available to problem solve and suggest solutions that fitted with our particular organisation.

We are now much more streamlined with our processes and have just one point of contact for all of our sites.

Having a consistent service throughout our organisation means that we can now provide top-notch service to our kindergartens.

@Computer are very prompt with their support and proactive in their approach. We would absolutely recommend them 100%

Management, Northland Kindergarten Association

Andrew and the team helped us obtain free charity licenses of Microsoft 365 for the Trust.

They setup our email hosting, file storage and internal communications in the cloud which has allowed us to work from anywhere.

General Manager, Pou Herenga Tai Twin Coast Cycle Trail Trust

Our business relies on our computers running smoothly. If they don’t then we are unable to work.

When we have had problems we have been able to call Andrew and Max at @Computers.

Every time that we have asked for their help they have responded promptly, called at our office when necessary, and made sure that we are back to working at full capacity.

The reassuring thing is that we know that reliable help is just a phone call away and that they are just around the corner.

Some of the key areas that @Computers look after for us:

  • Deployed Cloud managed Antivirus software, making our data safe and secure.
  • Andrew sourced, at our specific request, HP desktops and laptops. When these haven’t been available in NZ due to Covid 19 supply issues, Andrew recommended and sourced a very good alternative. When the computers arrive Max sets them up for us.
  • Office 365 was installed and subscriptions were created. These replaced our older Office licenses that were not transferable to new PCs.
  • Andrew keeps us regularly informed of the latest developments and scams

Andrew also freely offers advice and recommendations on the best IT practice for business in an IT world where the only real constant is change.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Andrew and the team at @Computer.

Director, PKF Kerikeri