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How to avoid your emails being marked as SPAM

There’s nothing more annoying than having your business emails filtered as spam. However, what we share with our Northland customers, is that a few simple steps can help to ensure
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The Christmas IT Checklist

2021 may be the Christmas that we all collectively exhale and exclaim “Thank goodness this year is over”. However, before you rush out the office door for Christmas time, mistletoe
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Windows 11 – what you need to know now!

WINDOWS 11 – STOP THE BUS! So many of our clients in Northland have been asking us about Microsoft 11. “Should I upgrade?” “Should I wait?”. It’s new and everyone
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teams vs zoom

Microsoft Teams vs Zoom

Which one is the best for you? Meeting anyone? Remember the good ole days when we all used to cram in to a conference room, pass around the muffins, slurp
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Cyber Insurance – Do you need it?

Cyber Security is a very real threat to businesses in New Zealand these days. Here we look at Cyber Insurance, what it is, what the laws are, and why you
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Upgrading to improve productivity & Security:

It’s hard to know where to start when prioritising the upgrade of hardware. Here are the top things we see that businesses could upgrade to improve productivity and add security.
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